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Certified trainer, Published and award-winning digital artist and photographer.

Adobe Users Group leader of my area.

Hi, I am Vladimir Chopine, owner of Geekatplay Studio, who has provided training for many years to professional digital artists all over the world. I currently have over 3000+ individual video tutorials and printed tutorials and published books and magazine articles.

My digital art speaks for itself with unique compositing techniques and photography style.

I began as an artist over 35 years ago as a traditional cartoon animator and cameraman. Later, I acquired multiple degrees equivalent to a Masters, in Computer science, Marketing, and other areas. I have received multiple awards for computer animations, digital art, matte paintings, and photography and have been published in many magazines and books. I even published my own book about creating your own 3D environments with Vue.

I’ve created hundreds of commercial digital compositions, and during all those years I’ve developed and polished various techniques in Photoshop and have hosted multiple workshops and live classes. I am happy to share my knowledge on my website and my youtube channel.

  • Geek at Play is a great resource for Vue artists. There are a ton of video tutorials, free to view, dealing with absolutely every aspect of E-on's Vue Infinite software. You can also, for a small fee, buy these tutorials as DVDs or as downloads, which is convenient, and a nice way to show your appreciation for the all great tutorials these guys are putting out there for free. They also frequently have free models, materials, and atmospheres for download. If you're into Vue, you need to check this site out. There are also free tutorials here for Poser, DAZ Studio, and Hexagon. A real gold mine.
  • Firstly I would like to thank you so much for all the wonderful tutorials you do. It was because of those that I became interested in Vue. I started with Vue 8 complete then moved to Vue 8.5 Infinite and recently upgraded to Vue 10 Infinite. All your wonderful tutuorials are not only educational but also inspirational.
  • Over the last five years I’ve had many opportunities to work with Vladimir Chopine, each and every time I’m blown away. Vladimir definitely has a vision and give amazing directions to help you find that vision together. He is professional, experienced, and educated in all aspects of photography. From Cosplay, conceptual, fantasy, family, couples, to head shots. Anything you can image Vladimir can not only create but take it to the next level. Every shoot I leave energized and excited to see the final edit. He has shot my husbands and my, couples photos every year for five years. I proudly hang them on the walls and everyone who visits my house is blown away by the creative and professional quality. Vladimir has also shot several family sessions for me. With my four younger kids he is kind, fun, and really helps them with posing and direction. He keeps up to date with lighting and editing. His equipment is high quality, updated and professional quality. He has great knowledge of his craft and a large selection of props, costumes, set designs, special effects, and lights. He is fast but pays attention to even the smallest of details, weather it’s hair, hands, feet or angles he looks at all of it to assure the shot will be the best. We absolutely love everything we have ever received from Vladimir and look forward to more in the future Min Jensen and Family
    Mins Cakes
  • Vladimir Chopine is hands-down one of the best photographers in Utah. This is not just hyperbole. To explain, we’ll look at various levels of expertise: Lighting: As a photographer, if I have a question about lighting set-up, posing, how to anything, Vladimir is always willing and welcome to assist. Photoshop: Vladimir’s knowledge of photoshop and compositing is beyond that of anyone else I know. He publishes tutorials on Geek at Play. Educator: Vladimir runs classes teaching lighting. But, when you attend as a seasoned professional and note others who make a living from photography and attendance, you know you’ve hit the jackpot of a seminar. 
Photographer: Few other photographers take the time to create elaborate sets, spot-on lighting for mood, bring wardrobe, and pose individuals and families for images that appear to be Old Masters’ works.
    Deb DeKoff


It is always something new to create. Now I am working on few projects: “Steampunk Mechanic” and “Angels of ages”. If you interested to participate in these projects as a Model, Designer, Makeup artist, Photographer, or any other role, please contact me.