World Machine, new tutorials coming.

Working on new series of tutorials about “World Machine” software ( ). After use for sometime I found this software is great addition to my workflow. It’s not competitor to Vue, more like extended terrain editor. Sadly you can not utilize all potential of procedural terrain generation. Vue has their own procedural terrain so is WM, but they can not exchange this information on that level, so only way it’s by passing height map or OBJ. WM has look little bit outdated in UI, but it is very impressive how much functionality was integrated in to it. Little bit confusing at first, with they own terminology and  way you navigating, but after short use, you can get handle on it.

Originally I thought to create just “Discover World Machine” tutorials, but after working, I found that in much deeper application and mast have at list two set of tutorials, Discovering and Exploring, with live projects.

Here is one of the render with World Machine terrain. It is using basic (512×512) resolution. In Exploring series we will be using Standard or Pro version.


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