Gogol Bordello Concert

Gogol Bordello Concert


Every concert bring great experience and big appreciation for the artists, but some of them stand out more. I love Gogol Bordello music and was looking forward to this concert.



Problem with photoshooting concert, that I don’t remember songs that was playing in time I shoot. As usual it was three songs , no flash, but for some strange reason manager ask to shoot song 3, 4 and 5._MG_4061

And it was better. problem with shooting first three songs, that artist not yet warm up to crowd. It’s take few songs till band warm up. As photographer I want to see a lot of actions, jump, unusual poses expressions. Some thing that make it more memorable.



And chose of the 3,4,5 was prefect.



They put all out with out reservations. Sometimes i wonder how long you can take this. Every performance small or big get all way out.



If you have change to check them out, be sure you do.

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