How to record video tutorials, tips

I record video tutorials for some time now and here is list of recommendations i found useful for my self.

Also hope this list help answer some questions I reciving about how we record them.

– Before begin recording set final goal, what tutorial about. Need be very simple point. It’s can be educational, like “learn what will happen when you click on this icon” or inspirational  – “How create this picture”

– If you can write down script, I can’t so i am using bulet points to keep my tutorial on right track.

-As recording tool, find some application that doesn’t take most of your time to set up and use it. I like camtasia, it’s easy to setup, use and simple to edit after.

– When you recording you always make mistakes, use edit to remove them. Any application can crash during recording, so remove it in editing after. If your tutorial about how to crash application, that will be useful. I watch some professional tutorials where nothing was edited, yes it’s natural, but not very pleasant to view.

-I record same tutorial about 6-8 times ( not full record, start, stop, delete, start over – type), rearly 2-3 times. And still having to many mumbling. Always respect viewers time.

-My English, spoken or written have very heavy accent. That forced me to use more visual way describe what’s happen. Don’t use short cuts in your tutorials, use visual path, menus. Be sure to enable visual options for mouse clicks.

-Before tutorial, explain what you are going to do, Go in details and summarize in end what have you done.

-Keep slow flow. Try to keep tutorials between 15-20 minutes. When people watching and following them it’s usually scratch to 30-40 minutes with pauses.

-Most viewers still using 1024×768 resolution, and now with Netbooks and Pad’s we keeping that resolution longer.  Quicktime use to be best chose, but now flash and silverlight, or mp4 best way to go.

-Tell viewers what you doing. Better repeat then miss.

– When creating series of tutorials repeat most important notes from previous tutorials.

-If you made mistake and want edit after, pause, write down recording time. Place some visual overlay over recording area, something that help you find right place visually in editor. start recording, with no sound for about 5-6 seconds. Pause again, remove overlay. And continue recording. In editor, start removing unwanted pieces from back of your tutorial, so your written down timestamps do not change when you remove segments.

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  1. Tony

    Great tips — you need to get these passed around to all teh other trainers out there — and trust me on this, a lot of them REALLY really need this branded to the inside of their eyelids or at least stapled/glued and or stuck to every available inch of open space in their shops.

    You two do fantastic work, you always have discrett pieces that you try to teach, you make sute everyone knows what you are about, and while you may digress at times, you keep your focus – something that is very important with training.

    All the best,


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