Bring attention to character

Missi Ross posted on facebook photo, that she took before, asking for some ideas. It seams something was missing in it, but it has a great potentials. Model: Tara Tangaro  MUA: Robin Bodily  Hair: Kia Pierre Knowlton

For me it’s grab my attention by interesting pose and theme, story it’s try to tell. How ever background was classic in way but distracting and to many not interesting details. Photo also had classy 1950’s Pinup theme.


I asked for permissions to play around with photo and see what come out in short time. First limitation, that image was in jpeg format and highly compressed.

here close up:


That was dictated some limitation in details. I separated object from background with pen tool and vector mask, replace model in background layer with pieces of the house from other parts of the image. And applied “remove dust and noise” filter, it’s make that painting effect. Modify brightness and contrast also.  Apply some water painting effect on border.

With model was little bit more tricky. first duplicate layer and apply skin smoothing (Ami call this techniques “digital botox”) , add dodge and burn layer. sharpening  on edge with high pass.

On merged layer applied my color correction preset in Filter Forge. and here result.


This is one hour exercise, to create pinup look from photo. More fixes can be applied to the photo, but you never stop tweaking …


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