Creating “Rain”

Creating “Rain”

After day of photoshoot at studio, I end up with lots good photos, that will provide me a lot fun time to work with them.


Sylvia (model) are amazing with her expressions ,  to look at this photo, it fill to make some nice environment for it.


I look at my model collection, most of them come from Daz3d web site, and find something that work. Stonemansion “Urban Future 2” was prefect fit.

Open model in Poser, saved, and open in Vue. Tricky to setup correct lighting. Also adjusting all materials, resetting them in bump height and other properties. This one of the longest and most boring part.

Run few renders at low settings to find best position and lighting.

Now time for high resolution render, at 7000 x 5000 about.


After render save as HDR, I founded that post-process image in HDR software (PhotoMatic) i can bring out more details then if I just save  as PSD format.

Now bring in photoshop. Also i look over photoshots and found one that fit most. Open in Camera Raw and got small adjustments in there. Next flow in to Photoshop.

Create combine masks (Vector for general shape and Raster for Hair). Next : Clean up skin, Dodge and Burn, Sharpen in details, plus more tweaking.

Umbrella was cut off in one image , I use other photo to make complete one.

PH1A6041 PH1A6029b PH1A6029

After placing model in background scene start working to blend them.

Set reflections on background.


Adding water splashes and drops.

Add rain lines on back of the model layer and other upfront.


Now work on details, adding drops and small splashes.


Color correction with Filter Forge and blurred frame around border.

Here is final image:


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