Digital backgrounds

It’s fun to take portraits, but sometimes you want bring character out of backdrop color to some fantasy, sci-fi or even horror environment. Lately i have a lot of fun by doing so.

Here is one of the result :



And is not hard to do, preset lighting, prepare backdrop, masking, working with layers in Phtoshop, adjust colors …etc. To make it easier I recorded tutorials how to do step per step, from how to get models, presets. How to render backdrops, How to setup lighting and photoshoot model and How to put all together. This is first set of this type of tutorials. It’s split on two main blocks. One for Digital artist who like to do CG and second for digital photographer, who like to experiment with digital sets.

Best part, this set come whit lots of prerender high resolution backgrounds. So no worry if you are just photographer. All included, just watch tutorials and have fun!

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