Discovering Vue 11, new video tutorials

Vue 11 is officially out. It’s almost time for tutorials to come out.

Here is little bit more details what’s included. First off this is the biggest collection of tutorials ever released as one pack. Over 100 tutorials plus very nice bonus pack, if you purchased.

Tutorials include: Installation, Setup, Application options, Application properties and customization. Views, Gizmo, Navigation bars, Tool bars, Water surfaces, Terrains overview, Standard terrain, Infinity terrain, Precidural terrain, Planetary terrain, Atmospheres, Standard-Volumetric-Spectral-Environmental., Terrain editor, Atmosphere Editor, Clouds, Material editor, All type of materials, Camera, animation , Ecosystem, Render farms, Render cows, Boolean operations … etc. Covering all sides of Vue. If you own older version, this is good way to get up in your knowledge.  Also include project based tutorials to better understand how those settings working in real life projects.

Special portion cover Particles, Effectors , Ecosystem 360 and Ecosystem brushes, Rain and Snow.

With particles tutorials you also learn how to create: Smoke, Bee hive, Ants, Rain drops, Buterflys, Explosions, Train smoke, Fireworks, Water, Falling leaves and more.


Bonus pack include: Project files, Particle library, Materials, Atmospheres, Functions, Particle materials, Models, Textures and more.

This combine download over 5 Gbt, separated in smaller portions, download what you interested now, like: Terrains, Atmospheres, Particles project part one, Material editor …etc.


Limited time offer 10% in first two weeks of release. Tutorials will be released on Friday. Free to watch online with new tutorials unlocked weekly, or purchase them all, plus bonus pack.


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