October newsletter

As you can probably see, the newsletter has gone under a major rework. My goal is to provide information to the artist that will inspire and help you in your creative work.

You’ll find

  • Tips about different applications,
  • Updates on latest tutorials,
  • Spotlights on the work of other artists
  • and community news.
  • Plus special bonuses to readers: monthly discount codes and free packs or models at the end of each newsletter.


The newsletter will still be monthly.

If you have suggestions please email them to me.


Not only is the newsletter spiffed up, Geekatplay Studio is also launching new web design. We’re pretty excited. Not only does it look better, but after receiving feedback from artists, I’ve redesigned the website to provide easier access to the tutorials and a faster way to find them by subject.

As part of the process, I’m moving all tutorials to Geekatplay channel at YouTube. This should provide faster streaming. The tutorials will still be for sale, most with special bonus packs and higher video quality. And you can get all of them months before they release for free viewing.

Purchasing tutorials will help to keep this project running.


New tutorials.

I’ve added new free to watch tutorials in two series: “Epic Landscapes, Space Edition” and “Epic Landscapes, Series Four”.

I’ve Started some new series, “Photoshop for photographers”, “Illustrations with Photoshop”, and “Shade” from  Mirye Software.


Vue tips

Do you have unwanted grass growing through your rocks in your ecosystem layers? Create and ecosystem layer, add rocks, then create a second ecosystem layer, and place it above the rock layer. Add grass, and use the affinity slider to repulse grass from ecosystem objects in this case, the rocks. You can also use this to attract grass to the trees, and make it grow around trees in ecosystem.




Special bonus added

If you are one of the artists who have purchased “Epic Landscapes, Series Four”, I added a special bonus pack in your download area.

This pack includes: Atmospheres, material presets and projects. Note that projects saved in Vue 10.5 and may not fully functional in early versions.


This month’s special code is


Enter it and get %10 off from any product at our store.

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