Creating illustrations. Book cover, the workflow

With ease to self publishing now is very important to look how readers can find your work on internet. I may posted some of marketing sugesions in future, right now lets look on one very important part of that, book cover. It is sad once that don’t judge book by it cover, but every one does. And it is hard to popup from millions of the book (example Amazon), when potential reader scrolling fast over them.

I begin by speaking with author, he/she are word artist and they looking for specific readers. Also ask them what book about, most time they give way more details , background story then book it self. Read book.

After you made your self familiar with story, or outline of it think about visual hook, that you can create  picture, with out giving away story secrets. Few tips when i composition story in picture: main character on cover, directions is important. Left to right – positive motion, advance of character or story. Right to left – retrieve. example in this image. second book, when character need to retrieve to exile, by placing him from right to left, give that filling, also show some struggle i added angle from bottom to top,  

not ease way to go for him. Also keep in mind that thumbnail will be small size Amazon 115px height), and small details will be lost, but all idea need to be visible. 


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