Situ Gunung, new video tutorial.

Recorded new tutorial, about three hours of training. Creating Situ Gunung lake view, inspire from some photos i saw. Hope some day come and see it a live. Very inspiration nature there. Tutorial contain six parts and will be released at Cornucopia3D, this or next week.

Here is image from tutorial.

I start with first creating foreground trees, want add details to them, by painting with ecosystem. Modeling terrain with hills for grass patches and sharp shore.

Working on materials, creating glowing effect for grass and leaves on trees. Also tweaking with atmosphere. This is little bit different tutorial from my usual. I left in all tweaking i did, so you can follow all path of thinking , trying to find best way to create Situ Gunung fill. Looking now still don’t like lots details. Going to spend more hours to tweak it, water, plants, and lighting. Probably moving camera away make it more far plane panoramic look.  This tutorial should be very good start to create your own scene. I don’t look at tutorials like paint by numbers tutorial, more as inspiration, give right direction and let artist make it own creation.

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  1. Peter Plantec

    The image is stunning and I like your philosophy of “not paint by numbers” I so fully agree. Your work inspires and instructs. Your generosity on GeekAtPlay is also inspiring. I’m honored to have you as a friend. Bravo.

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