Photoshop tutorials

How to create stunning digital illustrations? For me, I found that combine render inVue backgrounds and digital photos, help to express ideas in new way.

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I recorded new tutorials, that design for digital artist and photographers. If you in creating digital set extension, that first part of tutorial will help you look differently on renders in Vue. Where to get models for your scene with out braking bank. How to setup indoors and outdoors scene. How to postprocess them for the best result.


Other part for photographers and photoshop users. How to setup lighting, that best fit to integrated with digital backdrops. And advance workflow in Photoshop to mask, retouch skin, enhance dimension with dodge and burn tools and more.

Best of all, tutorials included large set of pre render (20) high resolution backdrops. So if you not interested in render your own, you can easy use one that came in pack.


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