Vue materials, the complite guide.

Continue recording tutorials for that series, already done 27 of them, and about 24 more to go. It will be the largest tutorial series realized as one pack. Idea to combine tutorials, that will help understand how materials work in Vue and how to work with them. Probably I missed some subjects, but will add them after. Series will sell around $29 so about $0.65 per tutorial.

Some times i am wonder if our low price and free tutorials work against us? Some people may think that free or low price, it’s probably not good. But I don’t fill right to charge $75 or $40 for sharing knowledge. Sadly, I purchased some of them and instructor was teaching wrong information. But this is free market, you charge what you fill right. Good that we still have our full time jobs.

Back to series, let me know if I missed some subjects. Here is list of tutorials : one with images, already recorded, list on bottom of page – need to do.

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