Day at the zoo

Got my Canon 5d mk2 in bag and gone with family to the zoo.

Shooting in Zoo is not easy as look at first, yes animals in there cages, but here problems.

– Usualy they sleep during day

-Cages is on way

-Lots people around, hard to find good spot

-If glass upfront, it’s always dirty in little hand prints

-Animals always look sad


– Don’t use flash, it will reflect from glass, or distrub animals

– Come early in morning or at feeding time.

– Use Telefoto lense for DOF, let DOF remove unwanted cages and boring background

-Take more that one picture of same animal, usualy 10++

– Come back to same animal again, they a live, so they moving. You may get better pose from them

– Have fun

Canon EOS 5D Mark II f/8   1/200 Sec ISO-100 100-200mm l f/4

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