Overclock or Not?

Recently few people asked about overclocking. I notice that some people afraid of doing so. Mostly it’s based on misunderstanding what is overclocking and how it’s work. It’s correct if you do not understand please do not ever overclock. At one point of my life I use to work for Supercomputing company, we build one of the fastest supercomputer in world
( http://lwn.net/Articles/4759/ ), node based (Linux OS, bewolf). It’s first time when Linux clustering software got on same level as big dogs. Now all supercomputers design same way. One of the corks was to work with latest CPU’s and try to burn them, pushing to limits. That place help me understand how overclock works, and when it’s safe. As example. All PC’s in my render farm overclocked, they working for over 2 years 24/7 with zero fail.

 Overclock or not it’s is personal chose based on your current level of knowledge.

 What you think about it?

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