Upgrade or not upgrade?

Right now many companies like to release new software upgrade every six month, for half releases and year for full releases. It’s many reasons Begin it, why they do, but with every new pay release come question, should i spend my money to upgrade or wait for other? Logical, it’s to look at new futures that was added, if most of them you need, then save money for upgrade. Also keep in mind, most companies stop supporting older versions of applications as soon new is on market. They forcing you to get subscription, it’s easy for them to predict income. If you can afford, subscription are best deal.

Other issue with new software, as soon it’s become popular, so is prices start rising up, making this less affordable for those who in first case made this application popular. Reason, more and more people now included in development application, so cost on development increasing as well.

For most my application, that i am using skip a version rule. example 1-3-5-7 or 2-4-6-8. If you spread upgrade cost per version, you will get best deal, also more new fetures you getting with skip-a-version , upgrade price as usual not more.

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