Before you blame on software…

I notice that if some thing goes wrong while we working in program, we start blaming on buggy application. We are expecting that is always something wrong with software. I read many posts by users that crying about problems with application. Many times to help them, i try to replicate problems and in most cases it is user error. Misunderstanding of how program work lead to wrong expectations from end result.  In old time most answer to any question was RTFM (read the f#$%@ manual), sadly it’s steal number one answer in most cases. With Internet it’s even easier to find answer (correct or not).

Here is few suggestions:

– Read the Manual as first step

– Look for FAQ on official website or books

– Look at official forums

– Ask if not found any answer, design your question with data, not emotions. So you don’t lead answers in wrong way. You looking for solution. If you goal just to blame, use facebook.

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