Introducing Dinner and a Movie

One might think it is watering down Geekatplay to start posting film reviews. From an outside perspective, they might be right. The face we’re showing is our professional tutorials, content, and consulting for 3D applications. But the fact is, we’re here because we love movies and have loved them all of our lives. Movies, besides being a venue for storytelling, are a venue for the visual arts. They’re moving pictures.

Both Vladimir and I like to take apart movies and we have since we first came together. We have several hundreds of movies in our DVD/Blu-ray collection. We have a home theater. We don’t have cable or satellite. Except for a handful of TV shows, we watch movies when we sit down to vegetate on the couch.

With a handful of kids, we like to go out on dates regularly. This usually includes eating out. We like to experiment with our restaurants. So we’re taking it one step further. Our reviews will include the whole date night. Which is why we’re calling it Dinner and a Movie. We’ll be labeling them so you can skip which ever section you like. I’ll be writing them, which means I get most of the say. But I’ll let you in on what Vladimir says. Often, we’re in agreement.

So now that you know what’s going on, let’s get to it.

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