Stepping up from Hobby to Professional

Stepping up from Hobby to Professional

Some day you wan want to grow your hobby in to profession, this few resources that may help you in achieving this.

Few steps are important to setup at first:

  • Register your business
  • Setup right accounting and filling system
  • Obtain and assign right resources
  • Setup workflow process
  • Calculate your service fees
  • Promote your business, customer acquisition

This is very basic steps, and assumption that you already know what are you doing, or least your skills up to level with what you presenting.

First be sure to register your business, in Utah it is very easy and cost only $15 in year for LLC.

Registering your business allow to use Tax Id with your business purchases and many other benefits.

As photographer it is very common to register YourName Photography or something that describe your business type and your affiliate to it.

You can also copyrighted your name, more information about, how to and fees here :

You can still use TM or SM as unregister marks, more about correct use :

Finding right accounting system can be challenge, here is few suggestions:

Most of them will also provide basic business workflow.

Calculating service fees can be more intense, defining balance between , not loosing money working and not loosing clients due to high prices can be tricky. Here is my post where i look at calculating prices closer :

Promoting business will involve more work with social media or physical mailing ads. Depend on how much time and money you want invest in it.

Never stop learning :

List of additional resources that may help you on your way :

learning resources:

Youtube learning:

Stock photos:

Fonts, assets, free applications:

3d stuff:

Photo filters, applications:

Backup online:


Exposure to your art:

Professional sites:


Rent studio in Utah:




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