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Project based tutorials and hands on study, plus bonus packs that include digital backdrops, isolated models, overlays, textures and more!

There are forty five video tutorials with hours and hours of training. The best resources for commercial and enthusiast digital artists.

From an award winning, published and certified trainer.

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Digital compositing A to Z, from basic principals to advanced techniques. I created this set to look at all sides of digital processing and compositing in Photoshop for artists. It includes what applications to use and where to find royalty free assets for your work.


Understanding perspectives, camera angles and shadows.

Retouching steps, from frequency separation to advanced skin retouching process in order to preserve original textures and remove unwanted details.

Separating layers based on the level of details. Removing unwanted elements. Smoothing skin without losing details. Dodge and burn techniques. Enhance natural shadows and highlights depth with adjustment layers. Color toning. Adding depth and color to eyes and hair.


Dodge and burn techniques in depth. Creating grungy , sharp skin effect.



Working on all aspects of digital compositing with closer looks on: smart objects’ edge blurring, light spills, reflection, renderosity shadows, color matching and more.

These tutorials use the same backdrop and models as a single reference in projects, while still allowing focus on individual workflow steps. They will be used in other project based tutorials but can be easily found for future reference.



Working with different type of composition

Photo realistic compositing, with the use of digital photos, places, objects and people. The background photo with waterfalls is a stock photo from Adobe stock Additional elements are also imported from stock photos. The model is from a photo shoot in studio with a five light setup. Two lights were located on the back sides, creating the rim light. Two were located front left and right, adding dimensional shape, and one was located up front in a 45 degree angle. This created even lighting and allowed adding directional shadows and highlight in Photoshop. That allows us to match stock photo lighting conditions.


waterfall and stream into the black dragon pool in lushan,China


Illustration project, this combines photos and rendered elements to create an illustration image.


Collage style compositing, this style may include different elements and text overlays

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Creating posters with mixtures of photo realistic and collage techniques. How to color match with different elements. Creating color casting shadows. Where to find  royalty free resources to create your own posters.


Compositing using overlays, as an example here is a project working with dual exposure techniques


Additional overlay compositing can be used in brush or water texture mixtures

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