Zombie war, steps in creation.

Zombie war, steps in creation.

Themed photoshoot, post apocalypses. Brought two interesting characters.

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continue working on that theme, I start to create more action setup. Final image already form in my mind. But to be sure on angles i took multiple photos from different angles. For Zombie war i decided to use this:



Next step, masking out of background:



And apply color correction, dodge and burn, sharpening.



Based on selected angle I start creating backdrop for the scene, start with creating many different zombies in Poser:



And setup all scene in Vue 10 complite, lighting, atmosphere and texturing. Save render as HDR, and TIFF. I do process a lot of CG renders in HDR, it’s bring additional details, but after experimenting with HDR I chose TIFF.



Now bringing all layers in Photoshop, start with finial backdrop render:



Adding layers of color and shadow corrections:



Using brush tool, adding smoke to layers. Using combinations of layers and blending modes (screen, soft light, normal), depend on effect smoke produced in areas:



To create scene look more realistic additional debris and gun shells need to be added. I have few of them, cloning and re-positioning them around:


Blending added details in scene and adding more splats, smoke, debris…


Time to import characters in to scene :



Blending characters in to scene by adding shadows :



And layers of smoke, sparks and more slating blood…



Finishing with layers of color adjustments, borders and shadow levels.


*you can watch video tutorials with techniques used in this process on my website: http://www.geekatplay.com/photophotog.php 

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