Steps in creating “Dangerous streets” composition

Steps in creating “Dangerous streets” composition

I have nice time to work with model Katie Coker, she came with her boyfriend, and i did notice some nice chemistry was going between them. I ask him to come in shoot and took few photos. Look at them, I found one is stand out, even photo is good by it self, I thought adding right surrounding will enhance pose and emotions.  It will start telling some story.


First is color corrections and add little bit sharpened in Camera RAW, next open in Photoshop and combine masks separate subjects from background.



Using different tools, add dimensions to them, dodge and burn, curves and other tweaks.



Now it is time look for right backdrop, i found right model and render it in Vue. Benefit of this, i can match lighting, camera position and more.



Backdrop has a lot of details, blurring and adding light rays to keep attention on models.



Placing models in backdrop.



Last step integrating them with adding smoke (brushes) and color overlays (filters and curves)

Here is final result:



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