Monthly Archives: April 2010

Stars, space and Vue

Some questions come up about creating stars, nebula’s in Vue. Here is images from tutorial, that should coming up as soon Ami record her..

How picture can grow

I had some idea about image, and start working on composition and lighting. First result : Look little bit empthy, added building and rework skys,..

Day at the zoo

Got my Canon 5d mk2 in bag and gone with family to the zoo. Shooting in Zoo is not easy as look at first, yes animals in there cages, but here..

Toy submarine

Here is Steam punk submarine from Peter Pohle, great model, can’t believe amount of details it’s have. Should be very soon available at..

Work in progress

Working on some idea, here is work in progress, Original image, little work in photoshop. Need to modify material in Vue, make look more weat. add..

Vue and materials

Finishing recording new series tutorials for Vue, Vue materials, the complete guide. Run is small problem, it’s a lot information need to be..