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New site design

I am reworking on all site. Layout, design, search, how it will be streaming. Should be big improvement over old one. One big change , going to..

Situ Gunung, new video tutorial.

Recorded new tutorial, about three hours of training. Creating Situ Gunung lake view, inspire from some photos i saw. Hope some day come and see it..

New tutorial, Starscapes.

Creating starscapes with Vue, new tutorial is out at Cornucopia3D I was..

3D images

I posted new tutorial, about creating 3d images. It’s very easy, but  take 2-3 times longer create then normal image. You need to duplicate process..

Stars, space and Vue

Some questions come up about creating stars, nebula’s in Vue. Here is images from tutorial, that should coming up as soon Ami record her..

How picture can grow

I had some idea about image, and start working on composition and lighting. First result : Look little bit empthy, added building and rework skys,..

Toy submarine

Here is Steam punk submarine from Peter Pohle, great model, can’t believe amount of details it’s have. Should be very soon available at..